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Thanks for all QSOs while at Svalbard!

stay tune for upcoming adventures

200 metres

Yesterday Johan went on a scooter-safari (280 km) in to the Svalbardian wilderness. On this safari he came quite close to a polarbear. The picture below was taken only 200m from the bear.

SA2ME visits JW5E

Johan sends his hellos from JW5E in Longyearbyen. While visiting Peter, LA7QIA, at the clubstation Johan has worked some QSOs already. I have no fq to give but I'm sure you hams can find him anyway...

The eagle has landed...

About the trip: Johan and his travelingfriend are now on Svalbard and everything is well. The flight went smooth but they were greeted to the island by a snowstorm (-18 celsius and 14m/s wind). The word Johan use for this kind of weather is "Fresh".

About radio-activity: Johan sends the word that he possible will be active on 30m tomorrow.

Polar Expedition - March 2011

On early wednesday morning, Johan boards the aeroplane that will take him to the exotic QTH of Svalbard. He will stay on the frosty island for about a week and will be QRV one or two of these days. The day for radio-activity is not yet settled. One thing that is certain however is that he will go SA2ME-style: portable from the wilderness.

Keep an eye on this website for more information and keep an ear next to the radio so that you don't miss out on your QSO with JW/SA2ME.