Long time, nothing up-to-date

Atm. there are no upcoming events or expeditions planned by SA2ME-radiogroup. But keep on having an eye on this page since this soup might start boil at any time again.

Still waiting for QSL-card from printer

Today, sunday 2011.07.24, we are still waiting for our QSL-cards for Market Reef to be sent from the printer - tune in on SA5BJM.blogspot.com for more info...

Pictures from OJ0

In the left margin you'll find pictures from "Expedition Market Reef OJ0 (Bildspel)"

Ps. Copyrignt on all pictures

BJM working 10m pileup and BJF not working at all.

OJ0/SA5BJM during pileup 10m from Sam Stonestream on Vimeo.

OJ0/SA0BJF working stations. Not. from Sam Stonestream on Vimeo.

Soumen Majakkaseura's homepage - Finlands Fyrsällskaps sida

If you follow this link you'll get to Soumen Majakkaseura's homepage. There you can read the thoughts the crew of Market Reef had about our expedition.

Pic. borrowed from S
oumen Majakkaseura's homepage

Om du följer den här länken kommer du till Finska Fyrsällskapets sida. Där kan du läsa om Märket-personalens tankar kring vår ankomst och expedition. (Obs! Texten är på engelska.)


OJ0/SA-expedition is now QRT and back at home-QTH. Tnx for all QSOs, aprx 3k+ in log. Stay tune for pics.
A big and special thanks to the crue on Market Reef for the warm and friendly hospitality and extremly god food. 

QSL direct!

73 de SA5BJM

Departure for Market Reef (OJ0)

20:00 - SA5BJM (w. fam) and SA5BDS arrive at checkpoint Äspskär
20:20 - SA5BCG and SA0BJF arrive at chekpoint Äspskär
20:35 - Gathering for group-picture
20:40 - Starts unpacking the cars
20:45 - The boat arrive and the exp starts loading for takeoff
20:56 - The crew boards the boat 
20:58 - Take-off! Departure for Market Reef (OJ0)

Fr. left: SA5BDS Patrik, SA5BJM Johan, SA5BCG Magnus & SA0BJF Leif.

22:06 - Text message to BJM-YL "There"
23:05 - Phonecall to BJM-YL "Everything and everyone is just fine! Soon we'll be active"

(Local time!)


80 m
3,525 CW
3,750 LSB

7,025 CW
7,125 SSB

14,025 CW
14,125 SSB

18,069 CW
18,125 SSB

28,025 CW
28,525 SSB

50,095 CW
50,140 SSB

Digital modes on PSK FRQs

On the move again...

On the 30th of june till 2nd of july, SAME is going on a trip till OJ0 "Market reef". We will be QRV on 80-2m. all modes. 

On this trip there will be four operators working the bands 24-7: SA5BJM, CW; SA5BCG, digital/SSB; SA0BJF, digital/SSB; SA5BDS, SSB. We will run the show as a multi/multi-station. Callsign used OJ0/SA... More information about QRG will be posted on this website. If you have a special request, pse contact us via e-mail - mattsson_j@hotmail.com - at the latest on june 28.

Best 73