Departure for Market Reef (OJ0)

20:00 - SA5BJM (w. fam) and SA5BDS arrive at checkpoint Äspskär
20:20 - SA5BCG and SA0BJF arrive at chekpoint Äspskär
20:35 - Gathering for group-picture
20:40 - Starts unpacking the cars
20:45 - The boat arrive and the exp starts loading for takeoff
20:56 - The crew boards the boat 
20:58 - Take-off! Departure for Market Reef (OJ0)

Fr. left: SA5BDS Patrik, SA5BJM Johan, SA5BCG Magnus & SA0BJF Leif.

22:06 - Text message to BJM-YL "There"
23:05 - Phonecall to BJM-YL "Everything and everyone is just fine! Soon we'll be active"

(Local time!)

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