On the move again...

On the 30th of june till 2nd of july, SAME is going on a trip till OJ0 "Market reef". We will be QRV on 80-2m. all modes. 

On this trip there will be four operators working the bands 24-7: SA5BJM, CW; SA5BCG, digital/SSB; SA0BJF, digital/SSB; SA5BDS, SSB. We will run the show as a multi/multi-station. Callsign used OJ0/SA... More information about QRG will be posted on this website. If you have a special request, pse contact us via e-mail - mattsson_j@hotmail.com - at the latest on june 28.

Best 73

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Lycka till grabbar! Önskar jag kunde ha följt med.